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Rye Whiskey


Alberta Premium Cask 63.7% ABV $13/oz

Basil Hayden Dark 40% ABV $8/oz

High West Double 46% ABV $7/oz

High West Rendezvous 46% ABV $14/oz


High & Wicked 45% ABV $15/oz

Knob Creek 50% ABV $5/oz (out of stock)

Lot 40 43% ABV $5/oz

Michtner’s 42.4% ABV $7/oz

Old Forester 100 50% ABV $5/oz

Redemption Rum Cask 57% ABV $8.5/oz

Restoration 50.5% ABV $8.50/oz

Russel’s 6YR 45% ABV $5/oz

Wiseman, The 50.4% ABV $9/oz

WT Rare Breed 56.1% ABV $11/oz

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